French for travelers

French class for travelers

A curriculum specially designed for travelers!
This set of classes, particularly suited for beginners whose goal is to be able to navigate their way when travelling to France, covers everything one needs to know to: 

  • meet and greet people,
  • spell your name, give your phone number,
  • tell and ask for time,
  • ask for directions, book a travel ticket , ask for special fares and discounts,
  • address accommodation needs,
  • order at a restaurant, go shopping or sightseeing,
  • plan daytime and nighttime activities,
  • address health problems,
  • complain about various issues.

In addition to the language component of the classes, you will get numerous tips to help you understand how the French  lifestyle may differ from yours, thus enhancing your travel experience.

Private tours : enjoy Paris and its suburbs as locals do !

Do you plan to travel to France in the next few months? 

Do you want your stay to consist of more  than  just the classic “Tour Eiffel – Arc de Triomphe – Champs Elysées” ? Are you ready to venture off the beaten track, go the the outlying “marchés” or even take a suburban train to explore nearby medieval towns and villages, stroll in the forest of Chevreuse or Fontainebleau, visit the presidential palace in Rambouillet? 

I am currently working on this project to add a “francilian” touch to your parisian stay (an “francilien” is an inhabitant from the Paris suburban area).

Please reach out to me if you are interested, as I am putting together a team of private guides to lead these tours.