AP French language and Culture

I will provide you with materials for each of the six course themes : familles et communautés, quête de Soi, vie contemporaine, défis mondiaux, arts et lettres, sciences et technologies. 

Part I, comprehension skills

We will focus on authentic audio and written stimuli to strengthen your interpretive communication skills and expand your vocabulary base.

Part II, interactive skills: email response and dialogue

Using a data base of past papers, we will cover a wide array of topics, and work on enhancing your written and oral competencies such as accepting or declining an offer, discussing schedules, expressing your needs and feelings, etc…  

I will provide you with  templates to improve your email skills and learn versatile phrases for effective conversation.

I will also teach you tricks of the trade: how to handle situations where you don’t quite understand what is being asked, or cannot recall the correct words. 

Part III, presentational skills and cultural comparison

I will introduce you to a myriad of documents and websites to get you acquainted with the French culture and lifestyle. You will develop the ability to carry out  cultural comparisons. 

In the context of the persuasive essay, we will focus on building an effective introduction, writing a topic sentence, expressing your controlling idea and using the appropriate vocabulary and form to quote the provided sources as supporting details. We will  make sure that you know how to use french linking words, thus enabling you to produce a highly satisfactory essay. 


The French DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) is the onlyFrançais Langue Etrangère (FLE)” language diploma delivered  by the Ministère de l’Education nationale. It is the official certification of your proficiency level. It is recognized by universities and by immigration services. 

There are six levels, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, from A1 to C2 (beginners to high fluency).

Exams have four parts: 

  • compréhension orale
  • compréhension écrite
  • production orale : presentation, entretien et interaction 
  • production écrite

As part of the exam preparation, I will assess and enhance your interpretive, interactionnal and presentation skills. Your lessons will be crafted to focus on your developmental needs. 

Classes will be based on materials designed to aid you in understanding native speakers.  

I will put special emphasis on preparing for questions that may arise during the interview, as well as work on delivering an effective oral presentation that will showcase your knowledge and ability to adapt. 

For the written part, we will work on any points of grammar and syntax that needs to be addressed, so that you can exceed the examiner’s expectations. 

SAT French

I will provide you with various tips and documents to help you practice each of the four parts of the test. I will test you on your vocabulary, and help you with the grammar rules that you need to master to achieve the highest score. 

If you choose the French with French listening subject test, I will select as many audio documents as needed, to get familiar with French as it is heard on the radio and spoken between natives.