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Whether your goal is to…

I have the expertise and the necessary skills-sets to craft the appropriate methodology for your specific needs.

First class is on me !

During our first private class, I will assess your proficiency level and question you on your goals and primary interests, so that I can craft a curriculum best suited to fit your needs and lead you to achieve the highest level of success. 

For group classes, a minimum of 4 participants is required. We will have a quick chat to discuss your expectation and check your level .As soon as I have enough students to start a group,I will set up, free of charge, a Zoom session that will allow us to break the ice and see how each of you fits in the group.

Unedited French resources to help you progress towards French fluency

Whether your are just getting started with French, or are already confident with the language, classes will be taught in full-immersion mode, knowing that I will make the necessary adjustments for beginning levels. We will warm up with a summary of your week, then proceed to work on original written and audio French resources.These will be used in addition to your textbook or integrated in your tailor-made curriculum.

From billboards, printed flyers, and newspapers articles, to videos extracts of news reports, commercials or longer broadcast segments, you can trust me to hand-pick the best material, based on current events or trends, so as to complement other elements of your class.

Throughout the classes, I will help you build your confidence and encourage you to rely on your inference abilities to work through the comprehension material. We will then develop strategies to use what you just heard and learn to unlock your speaking skills, train your memory and think “comme un français” when you craft your sentences.

I will endeavor to make you use French to the best of your ability, even getting you out of your comfort zone, in order to make you progress both in fluency and accuracy.