About me

Experienced French teacher using novative and customized methods

I am a French national, but during my childhood I lived in Germany, where I was born, France and the UK. It gave me an intercultural awareness that made me thrive in my academics as well as in my personal life. Also, it ignited in me a deep interest for languages!

After graduating from King’s College London School of Law and completing an advanced masters degree at the Sorbonne, I worked for a few years as a corporate lawyer near Paris.

However, I soon realized something was missing in my life. I was itching to move out of the country. I wanted to give my kids an opportunity to broaden their horizons by experiencing different cultures and  lifestyles, just as I had while growing up.

My husband had a job opportunity overseas, and off we went, “Direction: l’Arizona!”

As I had no desire to stay idle, I trained to teach French as a foreign language (Français Langue Etrangère) and was hired by the prestigious Alliance Française in Phoenix, where I taught collective and private classes to teenagers and adults.

These were among the best years of my life. I thrived on doing a job I really loved, seeing my students progress (many of whom became friends). I enjoyed the natural beauty of the Sonoran desert and hiked numerous trails, where I even managed to drag some of my students!

Now, we are back to our homeland, and I am taking my passion for teaching to the next level by setting up my own language school. I am graduated DAEFLE (Diplôme d’aptitude à l’enseignement en Français langue étrangère) and have all the skills and experience to provide a fully customized teaching course to my students. I am working with unedited and recent ressources to give you the best experience of french language learning. I can teach worldwide and have students living in Arizona, Colorado and New-York.  

I can’t thank my dear American students enough, for their friendship and loyalty, as it is to them that I owe the realization of this new project.

To them and to all future students, I look forward to our classes which I will teach “With all my love from France!!