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French for travellers

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"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way"

- Frank Smith, In To think: In language learning and education

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French classes and tutoring online

Welcome to With love from France! The place to learn to speak French “comme un français”!​

Whether you are just starting to learn French or looking to achieve the next level of fluency in French, you will be guided by a multilingual French native who is an experienced French teacher. You will learn to speak everyday French and master French grammar and French vocabulary.

Choose private one-on-one customized French lessons or interactive small group French classes.
As you explore the website you will see offers dedicated to helping you with your French language needs and enrich your knowledge of French culture. I can teach worldwide and have students living in Arizona, Colorado and New-York.

You will get all the necessary skills to speak the language and “communiquer en français”. Come let’s explore French language and French culture together!


My list of students, past and current, include AP students, DELF students (French certificate to live in the country or study at an university), globe-trotters, former teachers, accountants, retired senior executives, etc…

Here is how they have described their experience as my student:

About the logo

You sure get the meaning behind the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, Big Ben…

But why the cactus ??? 

Check out the about mesection if you want the answer!